The Blue Line shows the route of #BeThePeaceWalk

The Blue Line shows the route of #BeThePeaceWalk

Google Earth’s distance estimation: 707.5 kilometers (439.6 miles)

Google Earth’s distance estimation: 707.5 kilometers (439.6 miles)


#BeThePeaceWalk will travel on the former routes of violence and trails of tears, now paths of safety and forgiveness. It will cover all 30 Districts of Rwanda and will end at the Kigali Genocide Memorial with a big theatre performance in Kigali. See the road map above

#BeThePeaceWalk will approximately be between 1000 – 1500 kilometres in total according to Google Earth measures. Thus, we will be walking approximately 10-15 Kilometres per day.


Hyppolite plans to use NO other means of transportation than walking for the entire 100 days. As you may need to stay at a hotel or a guesthouse, you are welcome or we can help you to arrange /hire a car to take you to and from your hotel, or guesthouse in the evening and morning to/from the walk

The road infrastructure from Kigali to all major towns is good. Taxis are not too expensive, are generally reliable and will take you anywhere. They can be booked by telephone, or if you pick up a taxi on the street, make sure that it is a white car with a yellow stripe along the body of the car.  If you were to arrange a car/ taxi; be advised to make sure that you negotiate the price before departure.  

For us to be able to help with transportation arrangement, please make sure that you indicate that you will need transportation on the joining form

Multiple car hire companies are reliable, for trips within or out of Kigali. Hire costs are reasonable. You also can rent a car (saloons or jeeps) with or without a driver. From the main bus park at Nyabugogo Regular express buses go to the provinces and all main towns across Rwanda. These can mainly be ordered by physical presence at the station. 

We do not recommend Motorbike taxis (known as ‘motos’) for safety reasons. If you want to use local buses in Kigali; you need to buy a card ‘Tap&Go’ from many bus stops. Buses are cheap but sometimes a little squashed inside. 

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