Who Can Join #BeThePeaceWalk?

#sundaywalkrwanda in 30mins. We walk for love and peace.  #bethepeaceinitiative

#sundaywalkrwandain 30mins. We walk for love and peace. #bethepeaceinitiative

#BeThePeaceWalk is for everyone from every nationality and walks of life who wishes for a much peaceful world. It is for all humans who need inspiration for peace, forgiveness, confession and motivation to do better.  It is for you if you want to listen to stories of how you can rescue lives of endangered people while ‘your’ whole community is doing violence, if you want to listen to and learn about the stories of how you carry on after surviving the tragedy like genocide. This is the greatest occasion for all of you people who want to spread peace and love messages. It is for you if you need hope and if you need courage to forgive and confess

#BeThePeaceWalk is for religious, nonreligious and agnostic people. It is for any human regardless of their sexual orientation/identity, weight and height. It is for wealthy and the modest.  

#BeThePeaceWalk intends to be as much inclusive as possible. It encourages everyone regardless of his or her ‘disability’ to take part. Depending on access needs, the day will be adjusted accordingly. It is desirable you let us know in advance your requirement. Even if some Rwandan streets, buildings and public transport may be inaccessible for a person with impairment during #BeThePeaceWalk you will never be alone!

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